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Vindico quod contactus opes tracto

Delivery + Contact = Treatment


Badger Injection Solutions

Badger Injection technology is an evolutionary technology in the field of remedial injection delivery services. Providing Engineers, Remedial Chemical Suppliers and Industry Subcontracting services with the most current innovative subsurface delivery technology available. Whether the in-situ materials are Reductive Dechlorination (RDC), Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) or Biological Amendments, Badger can deliver these products where they are needed most, in CONTACT with the contaminant. Badger technology, through its Provider network can provide skilled implementation for your next injection delivery project.

Technology Implementation

Three years of development and field trials have delivered unprecedented radius, distribution, contact, monitoring and controls for in-situ remedial products during injection delivery events. Ongoing equipment, tooling and process refinements, along with the ability to quickly make adjustments (variable) to match a myriad of subsurface conditions maximizes subsurface distributive contact. With this continuing development process, sensor and software resources were developed to provide data tables to ensure consistency in delivery expectations. With the integration of technology and implementation by industry leaders, Badger is becoming a premier choice for injection delivery projects.   

Partners, Sponsors and Providers

  • The evidence of teaming has never been more effective than with the Badger project. Although Badger technology can trace discovery to specific Regulatory and Contracting teams at AFCEE, many Engineering companies and several Regulatory teams have greatly contributed to the overall success of this subsurface delivery project. Badger has two distinct "Partnering" groups, Development and Technology Advancement.  
  • Better Living through Chemistry! - has been the tag line for many of the Badger Sponsors and rightly so because chemistry is good science, however, good subsurface contact delivery technology has been slower to develop. Remedial chemical companies, although at first only moderately interested in the delivery technology began working along side Badger Injection Solutions several years ago after Engineering firms began to report better post injection results with their products after Badger delivery events.
  •  Technology Providers, primarily Renegade Environmental Services, LLC in Apopka Florida has consistently provided the Badger technical implementation along side many of the Technology Partnering groups. However with the success of the program, more Providers are now on-line to implement Badger technologies at your site. (See Technology Providers)





"(Regarding Badger Injection Distribution)...we are asking questions now we couldn't ask 6 months ago.." - C Adkison, Jacobs Engineering Group

Model # DP-SST-HD

Provides simultaneous injection delivery across multiple injection point locations. All Badger equipment provides expressed chemical compatibilities per manufacturers specifications and has exceeded external on-site safety audits. Subsurface benefits include: Dual Phase, Slip Streaming Technology, S.L.I.P., and S.S.A.

I.C.R. -  Model # DP-SST-HD

CUB 2012 

CUB Express Released - 2012

Provides single injection delivery through temporary insertion/retraction of proprietary Badger tooling including Badger's new PBIP program. The CUB Express has all the subsurface benefits including: Dual Phase, Slip Stream Technology, S.L.I.P., and S.S.A. New and updated features added to enhance delivery performance.