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Badger Injection Delivery Technology

Badger technology has been labeled a "Kinetically Adjustable Pore Space Dilation Injection Delivery System" - KAPSDIDS. Working with industry Partners, Sponsors, Providers and Environmental Regulators, Badger has provided an evolutionary technology that has sustained quantum improvements in subsurface injection delivery and distribution in the saturated coastal plain, silts, smear and vadose areas.

The Badger Project (now Badger Injection Solutions, LLC) has produced a highly configurable and variable injection delivery system that has surpassed standard delivery technologies utilized currently in the industry. The technology provides more effective pore space percentage access, targeted emplacements of remedial materials, abilities to effect diffusion limited pore spaces with in-situ pore space mixing and contact for remedial materials. All are primary attributes and the keys to delivery success.

During development, the Badger technology has been utilized for Reductive Dechlorination, Chemical Oxidation, Bio-Augmentation and Bio-Stimulation materials. The system has been proven to provide stability and protection to the fragile microbe community and environmental product micelle technologies while obtaining maximized distribution. Lateral distribution has been verified beyond 15' ROI during injection delivery events.

What is Badger?

A innovative subsurface delivery vehicle providing targeted emplacement of remedial in-situ injection materials in varying subsurface conditions....or said this way, the ability to deliver injectates by providing a targeted lateral hydraulic motive force (with the injectate) that creates positive and negative hydraulic polarity differentials in the subsurface pore spaces which provides about 80% more non-constricted contact in the subsfurface.

Badger is a ground up engineered in-situ delivery vehicle that provides unmatched delivery and distribution mechanics in the subsurface. This vehicle provides the remedial engineers and system operators with the ability to optimize subsurface targets in real time. It can deliver a wide range of injectates matching the physical properties of the subsurface to the amounts of kinetic energy necessary to provide contact. New and enhanced delivery processes, due to Badger's innovations and capabilities, are now showing the positive results that has been the hope of injection delivery contractors and remedial engineers for the past 15 years.

Badger has worked within the remedial industry to bring this technology forward and worked with many remedial design Engineers, CSV's (chemical science vendors) and Providers (implementation specialists). You most likely know these companies and their capabilities as well. To find out if Badger is right for your application, it is as easy as picking up phone or sending a email. You will find that Badger is and has worked along side some of your most trusted SAE subcontractors.           

Badger has two delivery vehicle platforms from which to choose.
See below and contact a Badger Technical Partner, Sponsor or Service Provider to learn more about experiences with Badger technology.


Safety was the first design criteria set forth during design build phases of the system. All Badger equipment and systems have been federally and state audited, passing and exceeding industry specifications in design and operational safety.

How physically safe is the delivery technology to a project site? Badger has documented and proven abilities to deliver large volumes (>1500 gallons per point) of injectates at shallow depths (<13'bls as shallow as 9'bls) directly beneath active railroad tracks achieving ROCP/ROI greater than 30'.

Chemical Handling Safety - Many in-situ remedial injection products (injectates) on the market today, let's say can be a little aggressive and we have all heard the "lessons learned" side of the story. Badger has implemented processes to avert and avoid these situations with all equipment being compatible and detection sensors. 

Did we say safe? 

Standard Design Features

Badger is a well designed platform from the ground up. During the design phase, Technology Development Partners provided recommendations based on industry needs foreseen with this technology. These recommendations led to the systems evolution and are now standard features of the current Badger program.

Industry Designed - Industry Tested - Industry Tough

  • All Equipment & Tooling Chemically Compatible with even the toughest oxidizers
  • Targeted Emplacements of Injection Materials (IM)
  • Controlled Metering of Injection Materials during delivery
  • Dual Phased capabilities for metered catalyst injection programs
  • Slip Stream capabilities for fragile microbes (reduce secondary injection events to one)
  • Ability to inject up to four compatible products simultaneously per delivery event
  • Add-on modules for advanced data collection during injection delivery event
  • Variable Velocity Directional Tooling, optimized to meet changing subsurface conditions
  • Electronic Data Logging for every injection point location
  • IP Telemetry Software for monitoring delivery events as they happen
  • Wireless Internet Connection (WiFi) for applicable field personnel
  • Video Feeds from the site to your office (live conferencing to site)
  • Climate controlled, Injection Control Room (ICR) - DP-SST-HD Model

Do we really need all this? - No, Badger just decided to stop driving with its eyes closed.

What Badger Provides In-situ

  • Limited to no "daylighting" of injection materials during large volume deliveries per delivery location
  • Subsurface infrastructure protection
  • Access to diffusion limited pore spaces in the subsurface
  • Large radius of influence
  • Pore space dilation and mixing
  • Targeted directional emplacement of injection materials
  • Vertical Mix potentials unique to Badger configuration
  • SSA and SLIP to protect neighboring pore space
  • Subsurface CONTACT between remedial chemical and contaminant

How do we know? Don't ask us, ask the remedial engineers and the regulatory agencies in the industry who told us!

How you can utilize Badger on your site?

Regional utilization of the Badger technology is a pivotal key to the overall success when Badger technology is applied to your project site. Why? because regional providers typically have a much better understanding of local subsurface conditions and localization means reducing overall project costs. Badger realizes that coupling localized experience with training on Badger technology gives you and your project site the best delivery team available. Wherever your injection project site may be, you (the Engineer) have SAE subcontract teams you depend on to get the job done...Some of these same SAE subcontractors are trained or being trained to implement the KAPSDID system.     

  • Contact Badger Directly...or
  • Contact a certified Badger technology service provider


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"...the key to successful in-situ injection remediation has always been effective distribution to provide essential contact, resulting in treatment. The Badger technology exceeded my expectation for distribution "or any thing I have seen for that matter" and has significantly enhanced cleanup at two of our sites.." - H. Faircloth, PE CORE Engineering & Construction

Decisions can be made during delivery events

Safe enough to use beneath active RR Tracks

Injection Control Room (ICR) & Data Center

Easy Setup, Small Footprint, Efficient

Badger CUB Exp. Released

Clean - Quick - Safe - Cost Effective