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  • Superior Environmental Corp. completes oxidation project in Chicago with Badger technology...highly restrictive pore space conditions. Contact Dave Hill at Superior Env. Corp for technical review....
  • YES, that product does work, all you need is the right subsurface delivery technology! - EAR, NY utilizes the Badger system to prove product viability.
  • Superior Environmental Corp., Marne Michigan <> is now advancing KAPSDIDS technology in the Great Lakes region of the United States. (posted 8/2/2012)
  • Badger Cub's - have been captured on video during a project. Florida Environmental Regulation Specialists, Inc. posted the video to YouTube. These Cub's are attacking one of the largest plumes in this County's history, working beneath the highway, delivering average 9,000 slurry gallons per day and acheiving greater than 25' ROCP. Yes, these Cub's are trained to look out for cars. For more information about the delivery performance call the group over at F.E.R. 
  • Environmental Assessment & Remediations, Inc., <> Long Island, New York is now advancing the KAPSDIDS technology in the Northeast region of the US. (posted 12/1/11)
  • SAEDACCO (DSP) <> ,in conjunction with Badger Injection Solutions, has just safely and successfully completed the first phase of a sizeable injection remediation project on the Florida east coast.  Using Badger's injection technology, SAEDACCO helped to inject a mixture of Regenox® and ORC® over a 13 day period working along the heavily travelled I-95 corridor.  (posted 10/29/10)
  • Badger Technology delivers a "First Time" successful implementation of KB-1 (SiRem Labs) in Thunder Bay Canada. Groundwater Monitoring & Remediation (Summer 2010 edition). Badger utilizing "Slip Stream Technology" provides a rather unique and successful subsurface delivery vehicle. (posted 8/31/2010)
  • Badger Technology being utilized at SunCam Systems Continuing Education Courses for Engineers, Architects, Contractors and Project Managers. Course curriculum preview #093 - "Introduction to Sustainable Remediation Design" provides insights to the utilization of KAPSDIDS technology.  (posted 8/26/10)
  • - Technology Innovation Program - Kinetically Adjustable Pore Space Dilation Injection Delivery technology makes the EPA Technology Innovation website!
  • Florida Ground Water Association (FGWA)
    Inland Protection Trust Fund (must see video)   (Local News Report - update)
    As part of Florida's groundwater protection industry team or a citizen, please take a look at this quick video and website. The FGWA has done a tremendous job at exposing the risks to every citizen brought on by Florida's legislature in raiding the Inland Protection Trust Fund. 
  • Florida Remediation Conference
    2009 Conference Website
    Florida Specifier - Conference Agenda
    URS will be detailing their project to implement oxidation injection beneath active rail lines. The Badger system was deployed and was able to achieve 30-40' ROI's in the shallow vadose. 2:00p Conference Agenda.
  • Badger Releases the new CUB Exp. in 2009
    Overview of System Functionality
    Badger Injection Solutions, LLC has released in 2009 a new injection delivery system modeled from the DP-SST-HD. The new CUB Exp. is modular and provides the same kinetically adjustable pore space dilation properties as the HD model.  read more...  
  • EZVI Project Results are in!
    6 Month Report / 1 Year Report, TCE Destroyed
    Badger Injection Solutions and Renegade Environmental Services, LLC in conjunction with Toxicological Environmental Associates, Inc (T.E.A.) provided technology deployment of NASA's, Emulsified Zero Valent Iron (EZVI) on a site in Central Florida. Check the reports, let the data speak!  Badger proves again that kinetically adjustable pore space dilation delivery is a reality of today. The model for successful projects relies on the ring.
  • PBIP in Alachua County, Florida
    Second Round of PBIB
    Badger Injection Solutions in conjunction with SHAW E&I providing technology deployment in Alachua County, Florida. Primary remedial strategies development utilizing Badger injection delivery technology.
  • Thunder Bay Canada
    First Enhanced Bio Augmentation Project in Ontario, Canada. Efforts led by Toxicological Environmental Associates, including Badger Injection Solutions, Renegade Environmental Services, SiRem Labs, EOS and Strata Drilling.
  • Conference Event
    Battelle 2009, 10th Annual
    May 5-8th in Baltimore Maryland -
  • PBIP Pilot
    SSA Configured PBIP Installation (March 2009)
    Badger Injection Solutions in conjunction with SHAW E&I & Seminole County EPD pilot a new permanent injection array for Activated Sodium Persulfate. 
  • Badger Cub Development
    Birth of a new Badger Cub (November 2008)
    Industry requirements of a smaller scale kapsdids still providing unprecedented results are being realized. Small, attachable and powerful, the new cub will provide more availability to industry Partner and Providers.


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Badger EZVI Delivery in Florida

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