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Vindico quod contactus opes tracto

Delivery + Contact = Treatment



Badger Injection Solutions continues to develop and improve subsurface injection delivery technology. Badger has received and continues to receive positive response to technology development, processes and project implementations.  

Press Releases

  • EZVI Injection Results Confirmed - 2009
    One Year Results for Central Florida Project - Total TCE Destruction
    Badger in conjunction with Toxicological Environmental Associates, Inc (Baton Rouge, LA) and Renegade Environmental Services, LLC (Apopka, FL) piloted Badger delivery technology with NASA's patented product in 2008. Six month reports from TEA showed drastic reductions in TCE, the one year report concluded total TCE destruction.
  • Badger Cub Exp Projects - 2009
    Stimulox Injection Completed
    Badger in conjunction with SeaBreeze Technologies (Fishers, Indiana), Mundell Associates (Indianapolis, Indiana) and the Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management (IDEM) completed ~5000 gallon Stimulox chemical oxidation delivery in Converse, Indiana. Subsurface sensors control (IPTEL) verified a 18' ROI during injection delivery.
  • Badger Cub EXP Released - 2009
    New Small Footprint Equipment and Subsurface Sensor Controller
    Badger has released a small footprint equipment and process controller with additional subsurface sensor controllers to verify ROCP (radius of contact potential). Prototype models were utilized throughout 2008 to verify effective operations integrating Badger requirements with Geoprobe equipment.  
  • SBA Award
    Renegade Environmental Services and Badger Injection Solutions
    Recognized in 2008 by the US Small Business Administration with an Award for Excellence!