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Products and Technology Sponsors

Technology Sponsors (Chemical Science Vendors) are primary drivers during implementation of Badger technology on project sites. The following Chemical providers listed on this site have worked along side you and Badger Injection Solutions, LLC with their products. In most instances, Badger has exceeded 250,000 gallons of injection delivery with their products. Badger is not affiliated with these companies or their products except "in the ring" during a project event also provide other services apart from Badger.

There are chemical and product suppliers who believe that subsurface delivery, distribution which drives contact is a critical part of their products success.  

Emulsified Zero-Valent Iron (EZVI) brings together a proven remediation product with an innovative delivery system to treat DNAPL sources and plumes, in place and on site. EZVI was selected as a winner of the NASA Government Invention of the Year and the NASA Commercialization Invention of the Year, as well as the 2006 Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer by the Federal Laboratory Consortium. It is a proprietary product only used by licensees, such as TEA, approved by NASA. EZVI is the single most important DNAPL remediation product developed in the last five years.

Contact: Greg Booth - (225) 767-3880 - Website Link - Tech Ring Forum

Micro-Bac International is committed to the development of biological solutions that are both economically sound and environmentally safe. Working around the world in oil production, tank cleaning, bioremediation, wetlands, hazardous waste, wastewater treatment, food processing and animal waste collection systems, Micro-Bac's biological products provide a safe, easy, efficient, and economical alternative to traditional treatment methods. Micro-Bac has earned its reputation for excellence with technical support, dedicated service, and unequaled experience.

Contact: Jeff Donohue - (877) 559-1800 - Website Link - Tech Ring Forum


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